Wearable Talismans

When dreaming up her designs, Jodee strives to create jewellery that's not only beautiful but also empowers its wearer with a deeper meaning. In this sense, KYOTI pieces are more than just treasures. They're wearable talismans, a natural way to stand out from the crowd and reflect personal style while simultaneously serving as symbols of strength, wonder, beauty and womanhood.

To Jodee, nothing captures the magic of nature quite like raw gemstones. This is why the KYOTI collection is studded Grade A gemstones handpicked not only for their looks, but also for their intrinsic meaning. Whether it's the protective properties and inky hues of black onyx, the healing powers and soft feminine energy of rose quartz or the intense energy and Goddess vibes of rainbow moonstone, KYOTI pieces serve as daily reminders that organic divinity, sacredness and spirituality are ever-present.