Rituals for your Jewels

A ritual is a set of actions performed with intention.

Each Kyoti piece has been curated ritualistically. Continue this ritual to receive the most from you new piece.

☽ Preserve & Protect ☾

Your jewellery has come in a re-usable pouch or box purposefully - so make sure to keep you Jewels safe inside them while your not wearing them to help prevent oxidisation. Bathrooms and windowsills are no no. Each piece has been regularly cleansed by moonlight to ensure you get the highest vibrations from the stones. However, it's good to keep it up regularly. Their are many ways you can do this but I suggest bathing in FULL MOON light or smudging with Sage.

☽ Intention setting ☾

It is true that each stone holds different and unique powers, but you to can set any intention that you desire for your crystal. Do this by cleansing first, holding it in your hand, getting very clear on your intention, close your eyes and take a few very deep breaths, continue and put forth your intention. If you want to change or re-energise it. Cleanse and repeat.

☽ Revamp and restore ☾

Your precious metals are not void from tarnishing. Give new life to your jewellery and keep it shining bright as required. Sterling Silver: You can use a silver Polishing cloth. Gold Vermeil: DO NOT use a silver Polishing cloth, only a 100% cotton or Microfibre cloth Brass: A silver polishing cloth will work on our fine quality brass, however Brasso will work better.

☽ Tender love and care ☾

Your items are delicate. Always treat them with care. The metals don't like chlorine or other chemical solvents which you can find in cleaners, perfumes and lotions so be mindful of that when you are wearing your jewellery.

☽ Share ☾

If you really love your new piece, please involve your friends and family in our community and spread the love by sharing your stories, pictures and experiences on Instagram. I absolutely LOVE hearing from you and connecting to each and every one of you, so never shy to send some sprinkles of your magic my way @kyotidesign