Our Story

Kyoti ("Born to Howl") was dreamed up on an Island far away, whilst travelling the globe and absorbing up the different cultures, founder Jodee Collett discovered a burning passion for making jewellery.
Inspired by all of the incredible local art from all corners of the Globe, Kyoti - a play on the word Coyote, a "Spirit" animal and her childhood nickname, Jodee Coyote (KYOTI) was born.  
Jodee believes in high quality jewellery that can last you a lifetime, like a piece of treasure. The designs are worn effortlessly and transcend cultures, styles and eras.
Each piece has its own story to tell. By drawing on historical symbols, mythology and earths natural masterpieces that we know as crystals she strives not only to create something exquisitely beautiful but also a piece that is meaningful to its new owner.  
The brand ethos is to create original statement jewellery designs whilst providing superior quality to ensure you, the customers have years of enjoyment.  
By providing a space for my customers to shop mindfully and with a good conscious I hope to counteract the effects of fast fashion and mass production.