Our Story

Welcome to the KYOTI tribe.


"With KYOTI, I wanted to create beautiful, bohemian-inspired jewellery that can effortlessly transcend cultures, styles and even eras."


  • founder Jodee Collett


Jewels with a story to tell

 From the spiritual significance of triangles, to the aura of femininity, illumination and astrological wonder associated with the crescent moon, KYOTI pieces are inspired by an infatuation with ancient symbols. Creator Jodee Collett takes these hallowed meanings and blends them with a timeless bohemian luxe aesthetic. Designs are strong, empowering and sexy, made for free-spirited women who aren't afraid to make a statement.

 Wearable talismans

 When dreaming up her designs, Jodee strives to create fashion jewellery that's not only beautiful but also empowers its wearer with a deeper meaning. In this sense, KYOTI pieces are more than just treasures. They're wearable talismans, a natural way to stand out from the crowd and reflect personal style while simultaneously serving as symbols of strength, beauty and womanhood.


To Jodee, nothing captures the magic of nature quite like raw gemstones. This is why the KYOTI collection is studded Grade A gemstones handpicked not only for their looks, but also for their intrinsic meaning. Whether it's the protective properties and inky hues of black onyx, the healing powers and soft feminine energy of rose quartz or the intense energy and Goddess vibes of rainbow moonstone, KYOTI pieces serve as daily reminders that organic divinity, sacredness and spirituality are ever-present. 

 An artisan approach

 Jodee's artisan approach to her designs are showcased throughout the collection, whether it's intricate traditional dot work techniques, a beautifully set stone or hand-soldered gold embellishment. Every creation is approached like a true work of art – with incredible attention to detail, lashings of creativity and the total freedom to embrace imperfections. After all, each KYOTI piece is as unique as its wearer.

 Grade A stones and materials

 KYOTI pieces are made to last a lifetime. The highest grade of materials is used to ensure that pieces can serve not only their original wearer but be passed down as heirlooms. Daughters, nieces, soul sisters… KYOTI pieces not only tell a story but exist to serve as living talismans of your own experiences.

Of course, there's plenty of room for colour and creativity, which means there's no fear when it comes to mixing precious materials with natural elements that shine just as bright. Think 9 Carat Gold and rainbow moonstone. Sterling silver and smokey quartz crystals. Italian Brass and turquoise.

 It all starts with a dream

 KYOTI was born in the kaleidoscopic streets of India, the palm-fringed beaches of Thailand, the incense-scented markets of the middle east and beyond. After travelling the world for four years and creating beautiful jewellery along the way, Jodee realised that her passion could transition from sales at flea markets and festivals to a one-woman business based in her hometown of Melbourne.

 The name KYOTI came to Jodee in a dream, and to a wanderer whose childhood nickname was 'Jodee Coyote' it seemed all too perfect. The spelling is a play on Coyote, a spirit animal that's woven into the stories and legends of Native Americans and is associated with a deep magic in life and creation.

 Today KYOTI has built a dedicated following of free-spirits across the globe. From barefoot gypsies to corporate honeys, the brand speaks to goddesses treading all paths of life.