Real Talk - with Michellepapss

My names Michelle. I’m 27 and I’m a tattooist.

I’m super creative, I love dancing, drawing, designing, styling and taking photos!

I’m an empath, I don’t stand for bullying and my mantra my whole life is to ‘be kind’.

I love dogs, I love summer, I love the beach and I loved hanging with people who have great energy!

My Instagram only showcases a smidgen of my life but definitely is something I’m proud of. I showcase my variety of different styles, my bubbly personality and creative side.


1. If you were guaranteed Success or a positive outcome, what’s one thing you would do?

I’d say a positive outcome is success, if I end up with something that I’m happy with, that’s success in my eyes :)

2. When do you feel at your best?

I feel at my best when I’m putting myself first. Self care days are my favourite. Getting in my exercise, my yoga, fueling my body with delicious healthy food, and surrounding myself with good people and good energy.

3. Do you have any daily rituals or weekly practices? If so, what are they,

and why do you feel they support you?

Every morning I’ve been doing a 10 minute yoga session, journaling, or manifesting and following with a little workout, if it’s a walk, a weights workout or just a quick home workout. I feel it clears my mind, makes me feel at peace and makes me feel healthy mentally emotionally and physically.

4. Can you describe your relationship with mental health and well being?

I’d say the past 2 years i experienced a low point in my mental health. Not feeling peace and at ease like I used to. But learning to block things out that make me feel uneasy and doing the things that calm me down has definitely lifted my spirits again!

5. Do you and those close to you have open conversations about mental


Yes my family and friends are always supportive and acknowledge a down mental health state when they see it. We all find it so important and make sure we’re just there for our loved ones all the time.

6. Who is one or some influential figures in your life?

My sisters are huge role models in my life. As well as my mum and dad. 

I have 2 older sisters who always have my back and always show me everyday how to unapologetically be myself and stand up for what I believe in.

7. Any tools in your basket to get through tough times or hard moments,

that you’d like to share with us?

Having me time. Being alone, and mediating, journaling, putting music on, watching travel vlogs, working out and going for walks. I love my company and feel so at peace when I’m by myself doing the things I love.

8. a. Is there a saying or an expression you’re tired of hearing?

I’m tired of hearing people say ‘be grateful, others have it worse than you’. Comparing problems has always been something that frustrates me and shows me the lack of empathy those people have. Everyone is entitled to feel any emotion they want or need to. We should feel empathy and compassion for any situation.

b. How about one that you love?

‘Be kind’

This is something I’ve said since day 1. Everyone should find it in their hearts to be kind towards everyone. Small gestures like smiles, waves, a nice word can make someone’s day go from bad to amazing! 

9. Do you think the movement towards women supporting women is

important? Why or why not?

Of course it’s important!

Women should be recognised and appreciated just as much as men. Women deserve to be treated with respect and have the same opportunities brought to them! I think empowering women is important and seeing it around more gives us hope for our future!

10. Who is one woman we should be following right now? (Author, artist,

social media account etc.)


She’s unapologetically herself, she embodies self love and shows us beauty comes in all different sizes, shapes, colours etc! And such a kind soul aswell.

11. Tell us something you love about yourself.

I love my compassionate and empathetic side :)


12. Do you ever feel at peace? When?

Yes, I mainly feel at peace. My home, my boyfriend, my family have great energy and I’ve been brought up in a happy and healthy space. 

Only outside noises trigger me but I’ve learnt to block them out.

13. How would you describe your perfect day?

Enjoying the sun! Eating yummy foods, going to the beach, hanging with friends, playing fun games, good music.

14. What do you put most of your energy into? And – what do you wish you

could put more energy into?

I put a lot of my energy into my Instagram. Styling, creating fab colourful content! But then again I also wish I put more energy into it, I’ve found through lockdown I’ve been able to but I wish I could do this all the time.

- What is your dream job?

My dream job is being able to do tattooing and Instagram at the same time. Being able to find time to put effort into both crafts :)

- What is your dream car?

I don’t really have a dream car hehe, as long as it gets me from a to b I’m not fussed!

- Tell us something that people might assume about you that isn’t

necessarily truthful / Or tell us something no body would assume about


No ones really said that they assume things about me to be honest. So I’m not quite sure. Maybe that I’m tall haha, my mum and boyfriend are great at getting good angled photos.

- Do you like crystals because of their look, or because of their mystery and

healing elements.

Both!!! They’re such beautiful unique magical items. They look amazing and intriguing but I also feel such a connection with crystals, they heal and protect and make me feel at ease. I have a collection of crystals on my window sill. 

- What do you love about Kyoti as a Brand?

I love that Kyoti is a small and ethical brand. I find the customer service to be amazing (that’s always very important with brand). The unique jewels made are amazing and you can see the effort that’s been put into the designs and outcomes. 

- If you had to describe Kyoti In 3 words what would it be?

Powerful, unique, magical.

- IF you had to describe yourself in 3 words what would they be?

Kind, funny, creative.

-what drives/inspires you?



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