Long Light Crystal Necklace // Silver Clear Quartz | PRE ORDER

Long Light Crystal Necklace // Silver Clear Quartz | PRE ORDER


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A beautiful dainty necklace with clear quartz crystal pendant. The necklace can be reversed and worn with the Moon extender chain down the front (Like picture) for a lariat style necklace.

It is a sterling silver ball chain necklace, with extender chain that is 6.5 inches on both the short and long versions with a little moon adornment at the end of the extender chain. The crescent moon pendant has a tiny rainbow moonstone inside.

About your crystals:

Clear Quartz is known as the "master healer" and will amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals.

Clear Quartz acts as a deep soul cleanser, purifying and enhancing the body's internal structure and surrounding subtle bodies to connect the physical dimension with the mind. It focuses on inner negativity and stimulates positive thoughts and feelings in its place. With a better perception of the world, Quartz increases awareness and clarity in thinking, and provides enhanced energy, perseverance and patience, teaching one to live, laugh and love with all of humanity.

Rainbow Moonstone:

Rainbow Moonstone allows the Crown Chakra to open and bring in loving white healing energies that will flow through us to the very core of our being. Rainbow Moonstone helps us to remember our true nature. ... A stone of intuition and insight, Moonstone helps us to connect to all the different cycles we experience in life.